1974, Jan.

Founder Mr. Lai Jing-chuan established Southeast Hydraulic located on Jhong Yang South Road in Sanchung City, Taipei County. Together with his son - Mr. Lai Jen-chi both started out the business venture.

1978, Mar.

Due to the difficulty in recruiting skilled professionals in hydraulic machinery production, we switched our business operation to self-develop customized hydraulic machines that cater to the production of various stamping parts and molds under the principle guidance of the present General Manager Lai Jeng-chi; Business began to expand rapidly.

1982, Dec.

Purchased a standard 220-ping, 4-floored production plant located on Ho-Ping Road (No. 9, Alley 121) in Lu-Chou Township, Taipei County. Due to business reasons, company name was changed to Southeast Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. Outdated hydraulic machines were disposed; purchased new fully-automated hydraulic machinery for the production of stamped parts and molds.

1986, Jan.

Purchased additional fully-automated hydraulic and stamping machinery for the production of various stamped parts and molds. Capital increased to NT$5 million.

1996, Oct.

Due to the changing landscape of Lu-Chou City in terms of rising population density and the impact on quality of living, the Lu-Chou Plant eventually ceased operation. Factory was then relocated to a newly purchased 360-ping production ground in the Industrial District of Bali, where General Manager Lai personally handled the design and establishment of the new Bali Plant.

1998, Oct.

Following two years of construction, the new production plant was erected (first phase of construction) and operation soon began; Plant location: No. 96, Section 2, Chung Shan Road, Bali Township, Taipei County; Newly-improved fully-automated hydraulic machines and stamping machines were applied to produce various stamping parts; Additional fully-automated mold-making equipment are purchased to develop stamping molds.

2000, Dec.

Second phase of construction was completed with an expansion of the second floor of the production plant covering 300 pings. Capital reached NT$10 million; Employees numbered 30; Total factory compound covered 800 pings.

2002, June

Strict Quality Control System implemented; Purchased high-precision inspection instruments and imposed rigorous staff training on quality control. Passed the ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification. Upgraded the level of automation and computerization.

2003, Jan.

In order to improve product competitiveness and meet market demands, Southeast commits to new industrial technology developments by purchasing highly-advanced product assembly equipment; Adopted full-scale automation to meet clientsˇ¦ demands and achieved fully integrated operation. Promoting innovation and brand building as ultimate goal.

2014, May.

One set of 800-ton hydraulic machinery be on operation, enable us to upgrade the production quality and expancl our processing area.