Our product line is as follows:


Specialized manufacture and processing of stamping parts:



Metal stamping parts: Various large-scale hydraulic stamping parts forming/processing/manufacture; Mid-/small-scale metal stamping parts manufacture.


Outer shells for split-type air conditioners & related parts: 10,000BTU~25,000BTU unit types


Outer shells for PCs: Internet switchboards and outer shells for all types of computers.


Auto/motorcycle components: bumpers, headlights, struts, fenders, etc.


Home electronics goods: extractor hoods, rice cookers, and outer shells for various electronics items.


Emergency fire indicator equipment: shells for warning lights and various lightings.


Defense industry components: bulletproof metal sheets, tank track wheels and various specialized military-use equipment & items.


Development of high-precision stamping molds: specialized manufacture of various precision electronic stamping molds.